Maintenance, repair, refurbishment & dismantling

Longer life and service life through regular inspections

Legal regulations stipulate regular inspections and maintenance of your equipment. However, these services are not an annoying compulsory task, they rather actively prevent defects and thus save you from long downtimes. Regular inspections therefore considerably extend the service life of the system. We at Fuchs Europoles Service specialise in the inspection and maintenance of all types of masts and towers. If the aim is to keep life cycle costs as low as possible, our team of service technicians will be happy to assist you.

Service and testing

We are happy to test steel and concrete poles for you according to the following criteria:

Concrete testing

  • Concrete strength and cover
  • Degree of carbonation
  • Cavity inspection by means of endoscopy or camera
  • Adhesion
  • Chloride load

Steel inspection

  • Assessment of stability and traffic safety
  • Testing of the coating
  • Use of cross-cut or adhesion testing
  • Measurement of wall thickness
  • Determination of the degree of corrosion

Maintenance and servicing

Every object of use is subject to natural wear and tear – be it through environmental influences or through actual use. This also applies to masts made of various materials and the associated technology. In accordance with DIN 1076, we carry out the annual visual inspection, the simple inspection every three years and the main inspection every six years.

We offer you a comprehensive maintenance concept in the form of a monitoring contract including documentation and test report for all mast structures:

  • Concrete, steel and structural inspection
  • Cleaning by high-pressure washing, maintenance of the mast joint, mast ventilation/venting
  • Structural inspection and maintenance of infrastructure technology: lightning protection, earthing, VBG4, compliance with all standards and regulations (e.g. DGUV regulation 3)
  • Inspection / replacement of battery chains in the operations room / system technology room
  • Documentation on site through test report with photo documentation


We will be pleased to take care of the elimination of the identified defects and offer you the following portfolio around our service area of refurbishment:

  • Foundation refurbishment
  • Refurbishment of lattice, overhead line and catenary masts
  • Fire restoration
  • Concrete renovation, concrete replacement
  • Mast joint renovation
  • Mast replacement
  • Corrosion protection work on steel and concrete structures
  • Application of paint systems
  • Mast reinforcement
  • CFRP slat reinforcement

Dismantling, deconstruction and reconstruction

We not only accompany you during erection, maintenance, refurbishment and repair, but are also at your disposal when a mast or tower is to be dismantled or deconstructed. Here it is particularly important for us to analyse the possible risks – whether of a regulatory or technical nature – at an early stage. This enables us to estimate the costs correctly and to dismantle both masts and towers safely and on schedule.

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