Advertising mast for Bauhaus, Hassloch

Bauhaus in Hasslos, Rhineland-Palatinate, opted for a hybrid advertising mast. With a height of 26 meters, long-distance advertising is already effective from a distance of more than one kilometer.

Concise advertising at a respectable rate

In September 2020, Bauhaus opened a new branch with a garden center in Hassloch. The customer decided on a 26 meter high advertising mast from FUCHS Europoles so that this new location for the DIY store can also be noticed when approaching via the A65. The slender mast made of spun concrete weighs a total of 34 tons and draws the eye to the advertising system. The steel pole top measures 24.8 x 4.0 meters and is attached on three sides. This is how long-distance advertising unfolds its full effect, as it is perceived from all sides. The structure weighs another 23 tons and increases the mast by 4 meters. With the requirement of almost 100 square meters of advertising space per side, this is the advertising system with the largest span to date.



Location: Hassloch, Rhineland-Palatinate


  • Height of spun concrete mast: 26.0 m
  • Weight of spun concrete mast: 34.0 t
  • Steel construction dimensions: 24.8 x 4.0 m
  • Steel construction weight: 23.0 t
  • Advertising space: almost 300.0 m²
  • Total height: 30.0 m
  • Total weight: 57.0 t