More mobile radio for the northern Upper Palatinate

Digitization is always about speed. This already applies to the manufacture and construction of mobile phone masts. FUCHS Europoles has developed the FUCHS system pole for this. Since 2019, one of them has been making mobile phone calls and surfing the Internet more enjoyable in the region around Parkstein.

FUCHS system masts in action

In order to improve network coverage in the northern Upper Palatinate, Deutsche Funkturm GmbH (DFMG) commissioned its framework contract partner FUCHS Europoles with a home game: a 40 meter high mast was to be erected in Parkstein in the Upper Palatinate. The site of the municipal building yard proved to be a suitable and available location.

Depending on the soil conditions, the foundation for such a mast consists of a base plate measuring approx. 5 x 5 meters and a foundation head, which with a visible edge length of 2.40 meters protrudes only 10 cm from the ground. So that the trucks do not interfere with the operations of the building yard, we upgraded a dirt road behind the site to a usable access road for the civil engineering and the construction site vehicles – a forward-looking measure, as it turned out a little later.

Speed ​​begins with the intelligent process: The FUCHS system masts consist of just a few system components that can be freely combined depending on the specific requirement profile of the location. This enables pre-production with consistently high quality – and saves time-consuming special transports.

Successful completion despite the challenge

The biggest ratio of the time, required for a new tower, (apart from the planning and approval phase by the authorities) is spent waiting for the foundation to harden after a full 28 days – the actual assembly and development is scheduled for another week before the mast can be handed over to the DFMG (Deutsche Funkturm) ready for use. The integration will then be carried out by Deutsche Telekom.

Since the site of the building yard in Parkstein slopes down by five meters to the mast location, the semi-trailer trailers could not climb a hilltop and so the two 20-meter-long concrete parts – manufactured using the prestressed centrifugal concrete method – were delivered via the said construction site road. With precision work, good nerves and a lot of experience, the system parts reached their destination – without damaging any of the adjacent trees.

The cuboid system head on which the antennas are installed is a special trademark of the FUCHS system masts. Thanks to its intelligent design, it can be lifted up in a single stroke and fixed comparatively quickly – the antenna installation can then begin. The construction of the technical cabinets for Deutsche Telekom and their commissioning will then take place afterwards.

The new mast has been doing its job since the end of May 2019 – and is relaxed about the challenges that will come its way in the digital age.

Insights into the assembly

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Location: Parkstein, Bavaria
Execution period: June 2019 to May 2020

New mast construction with antenna system and technical unit

  • System mast: 3 parts
  • Height: 40 meters
  • Weight: 33 tons
  • Diameter at the base: 1308 millimeters
  • Diameter at the top: 905 millimeters