Special supports for suspension bridge, Austria

In 1926, a suspension bridge was built in Forchach to enable cyclists and hikers to cross the Lech river. Due to flood protection and the widening of the Lech from 60 to approximately 138 metres, the construction company HTB from Austria received the order to renew the bridge in 2020.

Suitable solution in the shortest time

For this, HTB approached Fuchs Europoles to supply suitable supports for the suspension bridge. First of all, the team of experts from Fuchs convinced HTB by providing technical advice on the assembly of the semi-trailer as well as the horizontal bracing by means of a crossbar. Due to the steel attachment, a special solution had to be developed individually for the project. In order to be able to attach the construction optimally, the experts from Fuchs Europoles planned a tapering of the column head. The client decided on a spun concrete solution for two reasons: On the one hand, this production method saved valuable time, since the columns were delivered to the construction site ready for assembly. Secondly, this variant is significantly more economical than steel. The high-strength prestressed concrete C90/105 can bear particularly high loads due to the unique strand tensioning method. But Fuchs Europoles did not only convince with static aspects. In order to provide a visually appealing appearance as well, the spun concrete columns were delivered in fair-faced concrete quality. The columns arrived at the construction site in Austria just in time and ready for assembly in 2020, and could thus be installed quickly. Despite the short notice of the order, Fuchs Europoles was able to complete the project on time and to full satisfaction.


Location: Forchach, Austria


  • Length of suspension bridge: 138.0 m
  • Length of the one-piece supports: 15.5 m
  • Visible length of the supports: 13.7 m
  • Outer diameter: 0.6 m
  • Taper at the head: L=1.3 m / AØ 0.54 m
  • Total height: 16.7 m
  • Total weight: 10.2 t

Client: HTB Baugesellschaft mbH, Austria