Now ready for 5G

For the Upper Palatinate – an economically prosperous region in eastern Bavaria and in the immediate vicinity of the Czech Republic – the A93 forms a main artery for connecting the north with the boomtown Regensburg in the south. From there, the Autobahn continues in the direction of Munich. Those who are out and about here also want to be in the fast lane with 5G.

Contemporary digital infrastructure

In order to link the traffic infrastructure with the necessary and up-to-date digital infrastructure, mobile phone masts are required at certain intervals along the freeways. In the area of ​​the municipality of Zeitlarn, north of the district capital of Regensburg, FUCHS Europoles was therefore commissioned by Deutsche Funkmast GmbH (DFMG) to erect a 40 meter high framework contract mast.

In autumn 2020, the Bavarian Economics Minister Hubert Aiwanger, seconded by his wife, the Regensburg District Administrator Tanja Schweiger, and Zeitlarn's Mayor Andrea Dobsch released the mast . Together with Dr. Jacobfeuerborn, the CEO of Deutsche Funkturmgesellschaft GmbH (DFMG), he gained an insight into the smart production methods of the FUCHS mobile phone masts in a conversation with the managing partner of FUCHS Europoles, Conrad Fuchs.

A seamless mast – 40 meters

The masts at FUCHS Europoles are manufactured using the prestressed centrifugal casting process. That means: The spirals made of reinforcing steel are put under tension before the concrete gets into the formwork. Up to 800 revolutions per minute ensure that the concrete is heavily compacted. This ensures a beautiful surface – but above all, this process ensures enormous strength. The effect that occurs when the steel is released from its prestress also contributes to this.

The concrete mast for Zeitlarn was created in a single, seamless piece that still reaches 40 meters high into the Upper Palatinate sky. A special transport was necessary for the journey from the production facility in Neumarkt. The mast represents a measure that is already paying off today through the improvement in network quality. The development of future technologies such as autonomous driving or smart mobility concepts is only made possible by powerful digital infrastructure.


Location: Zeitlarn, Bavaria
Execution period: September 2018 to May 2020
Scope: Construction of a new mast with antenna system and technical unit

  • Concrete mast: 2 parts
  • Height: 40 meters
  • Weight: 38 tons
  • Diameter at the base: 1488 millimeters
  • Diameter at the top: 732 millimeters