SAB Leipzig concrete supports

In 2013, the architects Acme from London and the engineering firm Knippers Helbig from Stuttgart won the competition for the new area of the Sächsische Aufbaubank, or SAB for short. The starting signal for one of the most extraordinary building projects ever to grace the city of Bach: FUCHS Europoles, specialist for architectural concrete supports with high standards, was involved in the construction of the SAB building, which catches the eye and stays in the mind.

Modern aesthetics

In summer 2021, the opening of the new SAB site could be celebrated. An area of 96 x 96 metres provides space for offices and usable areas as well as an underground car park. The architectural idea of acme Ltd, London was decisive for the realisation by us FÜCHSE: The concept of a modern workplace integrated into a visual overall work should be underlined by our filigree structural supports. The modern building is set in scene by numerous visual accents. The mainly glass façade, the undulating roof roundings and the forum consisting of the "forest of columns" create a visually rounded and progressive appearance. The highlight here is the water mirror that reflects the columns there. Due to the striking aesthetics, it is hardly possible to walk past the new SAB site without catching a glimpse of it.

Our multi-talent structural column

The special spun concrete process from us FÜCHSEN enables the production of filigree, but also extremely resilient structural engineering supports, which on the one hand meet the aesthetic requirements. On the other hand, they fulfil the client's wish: high multifunctionality. The supply and disposal lines find their place in the central cavities created by the production process. In the case of the SAB, some of the architectural concrete supports are used to drain the roof area. Our supports are also convincing in terms of static aspects. The canopy and the office complex are supported by the spun concrete columns.

The forum of the new area serves as an inner-city recreation area. WIR FÜCHSE equipped this with a total of 132 individual canopies, which we installed with a minimum of tolerance. The special feature here is in the detail: for all the supports that carry the roof, a flare was included in the spinning process of the support. The colouring and surface design also set accents: The forum, the so-called "forest of columns", conveys the impression of lightness through its slender architectural concrete columns coloured with aggregates. Non-porous and smooth, the slender columns remind the observer of white marble. The ambience invites Leipzigers to linger in the fresh air.

WIR FÜCHSE would like to thank SAB for the exciting commission and are proud of the result.

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Technical data

Project: New office complex for SAB
Leipzig, Saxony
Construction period: 2016 – 2020

Scope of work:

Construction phase 1:

  • 143 x architectural concrete columns

  • Material: Prestressed spun concrete (C80/95)

  • Length: 3 – 22 m

  • Diameter: 40 / 70 cm // partly with widening

  • Incl. roof drainage via column cavities

Construction phase 2:

  • 158 x architectural concrete columns

  • Material: Prestressed spun concrete (C80/95)

  • Length: 16 – 22 m

  • Diameter: 40 / 70 / 110 cm // partly with widening

  • Incl. installation of 132 x individual canopies, 26 x concrete edge beams, 4 x smoke extraction supports

Client: Sächsische Aufbaubank (SAB)
Architect's office: acme Ltd, London
Engineering office: Knippers Helbig, Stuttgartrt