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Our structural engineering experts at FUCHS Europoles often make exciting new experiences in their daily work. For example, they design high-strength spun concrete columns as load-bearing systems for various applications. Among other things, architectural columns on which entire skyscrapers stand, columns for forest summit paths or for projects in the transport infrastructure - for example for autonomous driving or for passenger transport via elevated railway.

Autonomous passenger transport "ottobahn", Munich Taufkirchen

A new milestone for the transport infrastructure "of tomorrow" bears the name "ottobahn", a pilot project in which the expertise of FUCHS Europoles plays a decisive role: on a 900-metre-long test track in Taufkirchen near Munich, people and goods travel from A to B in gondolas at a height of around ten metres. A concept that creates new transport routes and relieves existing ones. To ensure that the vision can soon become reality, FUCHS Europoles is standing side by side as a project partner with ottobahn, the Munich-based start-up of the same name.

For the implementation of the ottobahn, we can draw on our mature product portfolio and, thanks to our extremely load-bearing structural columns made of spun concrete, together with the foundation, we will be able to bring the gondolas to lofty heights in the future. In this way, our supports combine two things at once: stability in a future-oriented infrastructure project and the highest aesthetic standards. The ottobahn test project not only shows how emission-free mobility is being rethought for the future. The challenges posed by the mobility "of tomorrow" can also be mastered thanks to the strong partnership between FUCHS Europoles and ottobahn.

The ground-breaking ceremony for the pilot project was in March 2022. planning is already underway for the first commercial line, which thanks to our LILA expertise in structural engineering supports no longer has to remain just an idea on the drawing board.

More impressions of the ottobahn company

Forest Tower and Forest Summit Trail, Sankt Englmar

In the heart of the Bavarian Forest National Park, a forest summit path was built in St. Englmar in 2009. Fuchs Europoles already supplied the supports for this. 10 years later, the builder decided to cooperate again. The forest tower is a 60-metre-high attraction with slides, climbing facilities and a viewing platform. Once at the top, the approx. 200,000 visitors a year can expect a magnificent panoramic view of the forests and mountains of the Bavarian Forest and even as far as the Zugspitze. There is also the option of walking over a sturdy net through which the brave visitor can look down 60 metres. The way back can either be via the 600-metre spiral path or via one of the two slides. Fuchs Europoles supplied a total of 14 tower elements made of reinforced concrete for the tourist attraction. Despite the extreme slope location, the assembly of the individual parts weighing up to 36 tonnes could be successfully carried out without damaging the surrounding nature. Thus, the first tower of its kind in Bavaria was built in St. Englmar in a short construction time.

Special columns for suspension bridge, Austria

The suspension bridge in Forchach, Austria, which was built in 1926, had to be replaced due to flood protection and the expansion of the Lech river from 60 to 138 metres. The construction company HTB was therefore awarded the contract for the renewal of the suspension bridge in 2020. For this, the Austrian construction company approached Fuchs Europoles, as they were looking for suitable supports. The special steel attachment required a special solution, because this construction could not be mounted on standard supports. The team of experts from Fuchs thus developed an individually adapted prop in which a taper of the prop head was included. The client opted for a spun concrete solution, as this saves valuable time. The prefabricated columns are delivered to the construction site ready for assembly using this technology. On the other hand, this production method is more economical than steel. In addition, the high-strength prestressed concrete C90/105 can bear particularly high loads due to the unique strand tensioning method. In order to convince not only with the statics, Fuchs Europoles manufactured the two columns in fair-faced concrete quality. The visually appealing prefabricated parts arrived on site just in time and ready for assembly, and could be installed on time and to complete satisfaction.


Great Mosque Algiers

The Djamaa el Djazair – the third largest mosque in the world – was built from 2013 to 2015 on an area of 26 hectares. The load-bearing elements of the imposing structure are 618 columns made of spun concrete. The spun concrete columns, which are up to 36 metres high, were produced by Fuchs Europoles at its headquarters in Neumarkt. The largest 32 of the 618 octagonal columns were manufactured in three parts for better transport and joined together on site by means of push-fit joints. The production and final finishing of a column of this size took about three days.
The area now accommodates a total of 120,000 people. In addition to the church, a museum, a library with over one million media, flats and a kindergarten are also integrated. Despite the enormous size of the complex, the architecture appears particularly airy and delicate due to the white colour and the slender columns. In order to meet the client's requirements, Fuchs Europoles created its own storage yard for the largest single order in its history, and invested in new cranes and a new concrete mixing plant.