Radio masts

The right mast for every location

What may your communication mast look like?

Adapt your radio mast to your requirements. Your focus is on economic efficiency, transport and assembly or an optimal time schedule? We support you – gladly with our full service portfolio as a turn-key-supplier. With centrifugally cast concrete masts, steel masts in lattice or solid-wall construction, masts made of glass-fibre-reinforced plastic and in hybrid construction, we offer you the possibility to choose from specific advantages and characteristics and thus find the right solution for you.

  • On-schedule installation including construction preparation
  • Professional assembly and commissioning
  • Professional maintenance and maintenance of operational safety
  • Comprehensive services over the entire period of use
  • Efficient adaptations to new usage models

You can build on that: We are binding when it comes to quality, deadlines and price.

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Turnkey radio masts from
FUCHS Europoles

For the further expansion of mobile communications networks

For the future in mobile communications

The hybrid FUCHS system mast is the effective solution for rapidly realizing new mobile radio sites and counteracting construction pressure. By standardizing components and construction heights, our engineers at FUCHS Europoles have created a system mast that meets many requirements in no time. Thanks to an extremely high degree of prefabrication, automated production, and factory pre-assembly, a new mobile radio system can be planned, called from stock, and assembled within a very short time. So that your antennas can also be connected to the network in "seconds".

System components in symbiosis

We have it – the mobile radio tower in sophisticated hybrid construction. Systematized concrete mast components, prefabricated foundations for mast and system technology, and the standardized steel attachment for preassembled antenna technology are used to create mobile radio towers of up to 80 meters. Due to the versatile use of the components from our modular system, we already produce many elements in stock. Another time-saving advantage: our components are dimensioned in such a way that special transports are no longer necessary. The factory wiring of the technical components (HF technology and system technology) enables a potting-free and weather-independent installation.

Extremely short installation times

Exemplary pilot project: The first system mast with an overall height of 40 m was installed in May 2020 in Parkstein, in the Upper Palatinate district of Neustadt an der Waldnaab. The three-part system mast consists of two concrete sections (lower section with 18.0 m and 18.3 t / cylindrical upper section with 18.0 m and 15.0 t) and the turnkey steel mast head. The assembly was completed within eight hours and the three pre-installed antennas could go directly online.

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Construction methods

The right mast for your mobile antennas

Hybrid radio mast

The best of both worlds: Concrete & steel combined

  • Spun concrete mast in single or multi-part design

  • Construction heights from 10 to 130 m

  • Systematized steel structure for HF technology

  • Standardized components for mast, foundation, system technology

  • High fire protection properties thanks to material-specific properties and also vandalism-proof

  • Low maintenance & economical

  • Industrialized pre-production and factory cabling, thus short and weather-independent installation

Spun concrete radio mast

Slim, space-saving masts

  • Predestined for narrow site areas as well as urban and coastal areas
  • Smaller spacing areas and foundations up to pile-driven foundations are possible in a space-saving and inconspicuous way
  • Construction heights of up to 100 m
  • High load-bearing capacity with appropriate directional stiffness
  • The masts are designed in one or more sections
  • Pole sections are connected via push-in joints or flanges
  • Partial lengths from 12 to 30 meters depending on restrictions in the approach path

Steel lattice type radio mast

For special and exposed locations

  • Radio masts in steel lattice construction impress with their low weight

  • Remote locations (e.g. along corridor paths) can be developed economically

Steel solid wall mast

Ideal for the small radio mast

  • Edged design

  • Small footprint and small foundations

  • Connection of several individual mast parts via flange

Special solutions

So that accessibility, mobility, data exchange, video telephony or mobile internet access do not break down. Even if the solution is a bit more complex, we are at your disposal with our decades of know-how and look forward to your request.

Roof locations

High up on existing buildings, towers, chimneys

  • Planning and engineering for roof locations.

  • Solutions made of steel or GRP.

  • Optical adaptation of the support systems to the surroundings.

  • Optical adaptation of the support systems to the surroundings.

City mast

Perfectly integrated and clad on request

  • Foundation solutions with minimum interference in the building environment (e.g. pile-driving pipes) possible.

  • Overall height from 10 to 30 m.

  • Antenna technology visible or clad.

  • Maximum factory prefabrication results in minimum construction times.

  • Low space requirement - including system technology only 1 parking space.

Individual solutions

Independent of the radio technology: We find the perfect solution for your passive infrastructure (BOS / GSM-R / or the like)

  • The GSM-R network of Deutsche Bahn extends along approximately 30,000 kilometers of track.

  • Work at these radio sites is normally carried out in the immediate vicinity of the tracks. This results in the highest requirements for work safety in the construction process.

  • BOS is a communications system used for radio communications with public authorities, which places the highest demands on mobile radio sites in terms of safety.