Floodlight masts

Best lighting for airports, large areas or sports stadiums

The perfect illumination for every application

Through individual light calculation for your installation, specific calculation of light emissions and close cooperation with luminaire manufacturers, we find the right solution for every application. The foundation is also created by our structural engineers in a technically and economically optimal way. Our staff with years of experience carry out the mast installation perfectly even under the most difficult conditions and circumstances.

  • Our experienced team carries out the mast installation flawlessly even under the most difficult conditions and circumstances.
  • Even after the launch of your system, our team is available for maintenance and servicing. We are your reliable partner for the complete lifetime of your masts.
  • In partnership with leading luminaire manufacturers, we find the right solution for your system through individual light calculation, targeted calculation of light emissions and for every application.

Floodlight masts around the airport

To illuminate the large areas around the airport, we offer floodlight masts with fixed or lowerable floodlight stages made of various materials. Our own team, with highly qualified personnel starting from technicians and structural engineers, project and construction managers up to our own assembly staff, is your contact to realize your project in the best possible way.

  • You have the choice for your floodlight masts: Either you decide for a fixed floodlight support or for the lowering system NivaLift. The latter reduces the amount of work and the time required for maintenance and repair.
  • There are also various options for the type of foundation: The floodlighting system is securely fastened by means of a classic block foundation or a pile-driven foundation.
  • We equip the masts with modern LED technology. If desired, the system can also be equipped with loudspeakers, cameras and Wifi.

Floodlight masts for large areas

Sufficient lighting is required not only around airports, but also on other large areas such as ports, transshipment stations, and terminals. The support systems for this sit firmly and securely on spun-concrete or steel solid-wall masts produced by Fuchs Europoles. In addition, the NivaLift is the perfect solution for terrain that is difficult or impossible to access with a cherry picker. If space is limited by the existing infrastructure, we offer customized special foundations.

Floodlight masts for stadiums and sports facilities

Especially for sports stadiums, our floodlight masts are a prominent landmark visible from afar - even above the roofs. Thanks to the optional equipment of the floodlight platforms with a maintenance platform, access for maintenance work on the lighting system is guaranteed at all times. Slanted top masts allow us to optimally accommodate a large number of spotlights without shading. Thanks to the versatile possibilities, your sports venue will be optimally illuminated.