Catenary masts

Support systems for local and long-distance traffic

Individually designed products made of spun concrete

Our portfolio for overhead contact lines includes mast solutions for long-distance traffic as well as local traffic. For long-distance traffic, specially developed spun concrete masts are used. In the mass transit sector, we use both steel and spun concrete for the complete range from standardised masts to individually designed products. For more safety in road traffic, we also offer railway barrier trees made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic.


Fernverkehr Parallax

Catenary masts for long-distance traffic

Special masts for special requirements

Safe power supply at up to 330 km/h

Long-distance traffic and in particular high-speed traffic place special demands on the support systems of the overhead line. We offer you overhead line masts that are specially designed for this purpose and whose function is not impaired even at extremely high speeds.

C-Mast System

New railway technologies also require innovative solutions for electrification. This applies to material, technology and economic efficiency. The modular C-mast system for long-distance traffic was developed in close cooperation between Deutsche Bahn AG, the system suppliers and Fuchs Europoles GmbH. The C-mast system has the approval of the Federal Railway Authority (EBA). Compared to the original construction method, there are significant cost advantages for operators and system manufacturers in planning, procurement and in foundation and assembly technology. The modular C-mast system is the standard today. Not only for the DB's Re75, Re100, Re160 S Bahn, Re200 mod. overhead contact line, but also for all high-speed lines up to 330 km/h (Re250, Re330) in Germany.

The C-masts made of high-strength concrete of grade C80/95 are produced in prestressed spun concrete construction. This makes them almost maintenance-free. They are extremely resistant to corrosion. Maintenance and follow-up costs are thus minimised. As the operator, you benefit permanently from the high economic efficiency of the entire system. The production technology also achieves the necessary high rigidity of the masts, so that they exhibit only the slightest static and dynamic deformations. This prevents the overhead line from oscillating after the trains have passed.
The construction of the masts also makes them easier to erect.

Fastening technology

Depending on country-specific requirements, various options are available for fastening attachments. For use on the German market, our overhead line poles are equipped with threaded bushes as standard. Flexibility in the international project business is offered by the choice of traditional steel clamps, tensioning straps and through bolts in holes.

Parallax Nahverkehr

Catenary masts for local traffic

made of prestressed spun concrete or steel

Catenary poles for local traffic

In high-density urban environments, public transport is playing an increasingly important role. We offer two solutions for use in the city. We offer you standard overhead line poles as well as special solutions manufactured individually according to your requirements. We manufacture our poles for railway traffic from prestressed spun concrete.

Standard solutions

We also offer space-saving complete solutions consisting of slender masts and foundations for the often cramped conditions in urban environments. Due to many years of experience in this sector, we combine innovation, design, quality and cost-effectiveness in our products. Consultation, statics, production and delivery are all from a single source – this guarantees planning reliability, fast project handling and high cost efficiency.

We produce pre-stressed spun-concrete masts in round-conical form in concrete quality C80/95. All masts have a CE mark. The production and static dimensioning of the overhead contact lines is carried out in accordance with the respective country-specific standard.

Special solutions

There are no limits to the shape and colour of the material. Unusual shapes, special colours or special surface structures can be realised as well as poles with multiple uses. In this way, you integrate economical solutions for the overhead line not only optically optimally into the cityscape. Depending on individual taste, all rotationally symmetrical cross-sections can be realised: round, elliptical, angular and multi-edged. There are no limits to creativity and variety here – we always leave our customers room for their ideas. In addition, a wide range of shapes, colours and structures can be used for surface design. The concrete poles can be given an individual and unique appearance by colouring the white cement, special aggregates, as well as subsequent surface treatment such as sandblasting, chipping, bushhammering or polishing, but also by special inlays.

Fastening technology

For the attachment of attachments such as outriggers or tensioning devices, different variants are available. The proven tensioning strap system or mast cable loops are used as standard. In addition to bracket or clamp constructions, threaded bushes can also be slung directly into the mast wall and through-holes can be used for fastening.

Parallax Schrankenbäume

Barrier trees

Weather resistant and highly reflective

Glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP)

Convince yourself of our products made of GRP:

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