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The use of the three materials concrete, steel and glass-fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) enables us to independently select the best possible material for your application. Thanks to state-of-the-art production processes and technologies, we can thus ensure the greatest possible benefit for you.

Parallax Schleuderbetontechnologie

Spun concrete technology

Our proven production process

Extremely robust due to high compaction

For the processing of the concrete material, we rely on the proven spun concrete technology. In this process, the prestressed concrete is pressed against the formwork wall of the longitudinally rotating steel moulds at 20 times the acceleration due to gravity and highly compacted. At the end of the centrifugal process, the result is a product that is characterised by an extremely robust construction.

Durable and economical

Spun concrete poles are not only extremely resistant to vandalism and the effects of fire. They are also resistant to extreme vibrations and aggressive environmental influences such as frost or salty sea air. Together with the scratch- and impact-resistant surface, this stability ensures a long service life with low maintenance. This brings a significant reduction in costs in the long term.

Greatest possible design freedom

Due to their enormous load-bearing capacity up to C140, spun concrete poles with very slender diameters can be realised. For individual requirements, all rotationally symmetrical cross-sections can be implemented (round, oval, angular, multi-edged). The spinning process creates a hollow space in the centre of the support. This excellently protected space can be used for supply and disposal lines. A wide range of colours and structures also offers the possibility of finishing the smooth and non-porous exposed concrete surface of the columns.

Convincing ecological balance

Spun concrete masts are 100% recyclable and have a very good energy and ecological balance due to the manufacturing process, construction method and low maintenance requirements.

Flow and vibrated concrete construction methods

In addition to the spun concrete process, we are also able to produce concrete components in flow and vibrated concrete construction methods, depending on the requirements.

Parallax Stahlverarbeitung

Steel processing

We ensure the highest added value at our plant

Comprehensive steel processing

For the production of our steel masts, we use not only high-quality steel grades but also modern machinery such as a high-performance press, new plasma cutters, milling machines and welding equipment. We manufacture most of the accessories for our masts and towers, e.g. precision-fit bushings, flanges, stiffeners, ourselves and also take care of the pre-assembly and wiring of all components at the factory. Production with low energy requirements and reduced CO2 emissions is as environmentally friendly as it is resource-conserving.


Durable surfaces through coating

In our comprehensive value chain, after industrialized steel processing, individual surface protection by means of coating, painting or hot-dip galvanizing ensures an optimum end result for all overhead line poles, catenary poles, camera poles, advertising systems or floodlight poles. The selected finishes ensure that the poles remain visually attractive for a long time and thus require little maintenance.

Corrosion resistant and stable

Galvanized steel poles are highly resistant to corrosion, pollution and vandalism. Their low vibration properties also make them very stable. This makes them durable and reduces the cost of maintenance and early replacements.

Parallax Glasfaserverstärkter Kunststoff

Glass fibre reinforced plastic

Patented centrifugal process

Advanced process

Our glass fibre reinforced plastic poles are manufactured using a patented centrifugal process: Glass fibre mats are wound around a metal mandrel and placed in a chrome-plated steel mould. During the subsequent spinning process, the reinforcement and matrix material are compacted by strong centrifugal forces and the addition of resins.

Safe and resistant

The result is a product whose properties guarantee maximum passive safety in accordance with frangibility requirements. The material breaks in the event of an impact to ensure optimum protection of road users, for example. Flame retardant, fully insulated and non-conductive, GRP poles meet high safety standards.

Poles made of fibreglass-reinforced plastic are lightweight yet resistant: They are resistant to high wind loads, vandalism, weather and corrosion. This makes them maintenance-free and durable. Good vibration damping also ensures a long service life for attached lights and fittings.

Design according to RAL colours

Already during the spinning process, the masts can be coloured in any RAL colour according to the customer's wishes. The colours are UV-resistant and the mast surface remains perfectly smooth, scratch-resistant, homogeneous and without seams. Mechanical damage to the mast surface can be easily repaired.

Environmentally friendly materials

Our GRP masts are made of environmentally friendly, lightweight materials that require little energy. The low dead weight also reduces transport and assembly costs.

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Parallax Hybride Konstruktionen

Hybrid constructions

The best of both worlds

Our advantages combined

Depending on the requirements and customer wishes, the combination of different materials and their properties can lead to the optimum result. Hybrid combinations offer the possibility of combining the advantages of the respective materials in a beneficial way.