Light poles for municipal infrastructure

Safe, durable, maintenance-free, available.

How long does a GRP light pole actually last?

No one at FUCHS Europoles can really answer that question – because many of the more than 100,000 that have left the factory in Neumarkt in the Upper Palatinate since 1973 are still in service, distributed all over the world; sometimes in regions with very special environmental conditions. The masts made of GRP (glass-fibre reinforced plastic) do not show their age. And these all-rounders also have a lot to offer.

In addition to the short delivery times of 6 calendar weeks from receipt of order, we score with our in-house engineering. This means that even complicated special solutions are possible. Due to the order-related production, even unusual customer requests can be realised.

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Extra-light, super stable and absolutely insensitive to any form of corrosion: light poles made of GRP are convincing in every area of application. Benedikt Thier from the Neumarkt public utility company talks about the Upper Palatinate town's decades of experience with high-tech products from FUCHS Europoles.

Our light poles are available at short notice.

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What makes our poles so special:

Our poles made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic are resistant to all environmental influences. Poles made of steel or aluminium can corrode after some time, especially in the ground transition area.

Wind loads or ground vibrations shorten the service life of a luminaire. Unless this effect is mitigated by the high vibration damping of a GRP pole. Luminaires live longer with GRP.

All GRP light poles are manufactured according to EN-40-7. The GRP pole is up to 60% lighter than a comparable steel mast. At the same time, GRP is characterised by its enormous stability: A standard wind sensor pole of the German Weather Service withstood a tractive force of up to 1.3 tonnes in an experiment.

In the case of a minor traffic accident, GRP bends and returns to its original position. In high-impact accidents, GRP breaks instead of deforming a vehicle to the same extent as concrete or metal. Without dangerous flying sparks!

Thanks to the insensitivity of the GRP material to corrosion and weathering, there is no need for costly measures such as subsequent galvanising or painting.

Replacement only in case of serious damage. Some of our GRP light poles have been standing for well over 40 years.

We produce in the heart of Bavaria and offer our customers short production and delivery times. Delivery reliability is our core competence.

Our poles made of GRP are versatile: light, traffic light and guidance systems. Barrier poles are also part of our extensive portfolio.

The environmental conditions in some regions place special demands on the infrastructure. Our GRP poles are multi-talented and can be used everywhere. We have summarised the advantages of different areas for you here as examples:

This is how light poles work today ...

... in the mountains.

  • Insensitive to road salt
  • Hardly any condensation water thanks to low thermal conductivity
  • Decades of colour fastness and protection against hail damage

... on the coast.

  • Insensitive to salt content in humidity.
  • No costly maintenance measures (re-galvanising/painting)
  • Luminaires live longer – even in wind and vibration

... in industry.

  • Insensitive to chemical substances in the air humidity.
  • Infrastructure as a signboard: Individual in appearance, shape and colour
  • Low cost, low dead weight, high stability

... in residential areas.

  • High passive safety: GRP bends or breaks in case of collision.
  • Low maintenance, durable and recyclable
  • Low energy consumption during production and transport
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Conserve resources

We make our contribution

Bio Based Poles - Poles made from flax fibre

Instead of glass fibre, natural flax fibres are used to manufacture our most environmentally friendly poles. The excellent properties remain unchanged. Flax fibre is a renewable raw material and can be processed with little energy input.
Unlike the extraction and production of steel and aluminium, the production process conserves resources and at the same time protects the environment.

In the Netherlands, we have already been able to realise numerous projects with our partner Circulus BV.

We take our contribution to environmental protection seriously and offer the following services:

  • Take-back/replacement of GRP masts
  • Examination of further use
  • Reconditioning or further use
  • GRP recycling

More on the topic of sustainability and glass-fibre reinforced plastic?

Talk to us.

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Pictures say more than a thousand words.

Our worldwide references.

Whether on the coasts of Greece, in the mountains of Austria or residential areas in the Ruhr-Pott region. Our light poles always cut a fine figure. Chic and charming – for a lifetime.

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NEW: As individual as you are!

Your light pole in individual design

Discover even more possibilities for the individual design of your GRP poles now. Whether wood look, city coat of arms, company logo or much more. There are (almost) no limits to your imagination.

We will be happy to advise you. Talk to us!

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