Level crossing barriers

GRP – the reliable material.

More safety in road traffic

Whether as full, half or footpath barriers, they must be easily recognisable to all and reliably ensure safety. Our glass-fibre reinforced barrier arms, which are available as round and rectangular barriers, meet precisely these requirements. As a long-standing Q1 supplier of Deutsche Bahn AG, the barriers meet the strict technical requirements of DB AG and are convincing both in Germany and worldwide.

Level crossing barriers

The barrier arms are available in various lengths and are modular in design. The boom parts are individually interchangeable.
The dense, smooth surfaces of the level crossing barriers make them resistant to weathering. Corrosion is also not an issue for this material. Due to their long service life and the absence of subsequent costs for care or maintenance, glass-reinforced plastic level crossing barriers are extremely economical.
The masts are supplied in white as standard, but are also available in any RAL colour. Subsequent painting is not necessary.

Compliance with specifications and special equipment

Each level barrier crossing is covered with a weather-resistant and highly reflective film designed according to country-specific requirements for reflecting incident light without glare. Our level crossing barriers are available in various lengths and have a modular design. In addition, we can provide custom features such as LED lighting or pole fracture monitoring.

In a tree breakage monitoring system, a copper strand is firmly thrown against the wall. The strand is completely maintenance-free and reliably detects any break along the entire length of the boom by interrupting a safety circuit. If a vehicle breaks through the barrier boom, the approaching train is stopped by a signal.