Overhead transmission poles

Our hybrid system is unbeatable

Best product properties in combination

Hybrid power poles for overhead lines score with several advantages: If the materials steel and GRP are combined to form a pole for power lines, they can withstand wind and weather, electric shocks and rodents.


The hybrid pole features a high strength and a low deflection with a comparatively low weight. Even in extreme weather conditions, it behaves extremely well; transverse vibrations and ice-induced galloping are not a concern. Thanks to the high dielectric strength / insulating properties of the GRP upper attachment, there is no risk of electric shock. With steel and GRP, there is no chance of insect infestation, damage by wild animals or rot.


The GRP top section can be flexibly provided with drilled holes and recesses either in the factory or on site. Existing attachments such as cross arms, clamps and sleeves can be reused. The hollow pole is ideal for safely accommodating cables and, if required, earthing. The connection between the steel and the GRP part is a structural element designed to yield in case of an extreme event. For example, if the pole is struck by a falling tree, the upper section breaks off and can simply be replaced, while the steel section underneath stays in place.

Animal welfare

The electrically insulating GRP upper section protects alighting and sitting birds and meets the strict German application rules for protection of birds on medium-voltage overhead lines (VDE-AR-N 4210-11). With short distances between phases, the birds are protected by a special perch installed on the cross arm.